Saturday, February 4, 2012

Court Room Blood Shed

Bill Weather
    On 02-04-12, I dreamt I was in a court room and in the back of the court room, a fight broke out between two men who looked very  much alike. There was blood flying and out of that I saw a woman who was bloodied from the fight, but suddenly, all the blood had become jewels. The woman was then clothed with jewels all over her, even her forehead and hair were covered with the jewels. In the court room, she then gave birth to a baby. That's when the dream ended.


    The court room is the judgment to come. It is the place where God is  in control and is allowing what is to come happen. The fight that broke out between the two men who looked identical, is a revolution coming to the US, after which, WW3, which will bring persecution upon the woman, the church. The blood becoming jewels will be the saints, who are the jewels, being put to the test and to the fire, in the blood shed of the persecution to come. She, the woman (the church), giving birth to the baby, will be new believers coming to Jesus through the persecution to come.

    Lord, help us to endure the trials to come and to remain faithful, enduring what is about to befall our nation. Help us to prepare to make it through the fiery trials to come. Prepare us to see, it is not about prosperity and blessing, but perseverance and faithfulness. Prepare us to give birth to that holy child by being your voice, a living testimony and remaining faithful in your enduring love.  In Jesus mighty name, Amen